gps research utilises unique tools to provide an accurate insight into your organisation’s needs and the environment in which you operate.


GPS Research works with our key research partner Clutch to apply the unique Colourgrid forecasting matrix to research issues right down to household level.

ColourGrid is the revolutionary strategic marketing tool now used by Australian organisations to identify and forecast existing and emerging growth opportunities.

ColourGrid has created a new genre of strategic marketing tool by recognising households as the most influential decision-making unit. ColourGrid incorporates geographic, demographic and sociographic data from Australia's 7.7 million households, to produce the most accurate and comprehensive forecasting matrix. Our unique capability - Mindset Marketing can be applied to existing knowledge bases to convert:

• Market Research, Geographic and/or Sales Data into one consistent platform of measurement

• Sales and membership data into Communication Strategy & Demand Forecasting

• Market Research Data into customer or geographic priorities

• Market Segmentation into communication strategy

• Geographic Data into customer or member engagement strategy

Enabling business leaders to answer the Who, Where, Why, What, Which, and How questions makes the difference that leads to sustainable profitable growth, even in a competitive market.


Organisational Relationship Diagnostic Assessment (ORDA) is a powerful tool that allows an organisation to review and measure the status of its relationships and undertake a diagnostic assessment to determine their strengths and weakness.

ORDA is a new way of reporting and tracking the effectiveness of your organisation’s relationships against key performance indicators.

How does ORDA® work?
An organisation’s success depends on the effectiveness of its relationships but how often do you examine their health?

ORDA is a way of rating your relationships on more than just how you communicate. In fact, it allows you to accurately target the cause of relationship success, or breakdown.

By diagnosing relationship issues between stakeholders, your organisation can become more effective and deliver on its business or operational goals.