gps research has a track record of providing accurate, timely and insightful research, analysis and results.
A snapshot of recent projects delivering research, analysis and results:


Tertiary Institutions GPS Research developed extensive state-wide qualilative research on community attitudes in partnership with a leading university. The reseach and repots provided the basis for the University's recommendations to government.

 Peak Industry Groups With co-sponsoring from leading industry employers GPS Research conducted a national research project into the current skills shortages. Qualitative research involved stakeholder and employee interviews, focus groups, interviews with current and former industry employees, along with potential workers in the industry including female workers. This research has now formed the basis of a national strategy to deal with skills shortages.

Commercial Projects
GPS Research has conducted qualitative market research to scope and refine large scale commercial projects.


Government GPS Research conducted quantitative and qualitative research to inform the development and subsequent evaluation of campaigns for workforce planning and improving industry profile. GPS Research delivered interviewer expertise with varied demographic groups, strategic advice for campaign development and high quality top end and final reports

Membership Based Organisations GPS Research developed and conducted qualitative research of members and a representative sample of the public to inform the organisation’s campaign to improve resources and government funding.